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About Us

Community for Responsible Government promotes nonpartisan, pragmatic, problem-solving approaches to local government. We seek leaders who are interested in governing and who understand the powers and limitations of local government. We promote policies that improve the quality of life for all by working toward housing, safety and security, and inclusion and representation for all. We come from a variety of backgrounds and philosophical and political viewpoints, and are dedicated to working together to achieve our common goals. We aim to build a broad coalition of Madisonians, representing former elected officials, trade associations, small business owners, and unions.

As a startup organization, we are developing our public policy agenda, researching the positions of our public officials, and educating the public on these issues. We want to compare these records and positions against our shared values. In the coming months we'll be developing a more active voice in city policy decisions.

Charles Myadze

Charles Myadze Headshot

Charles Myadze is a leader that finds common ground. He’s been a voice for more equitable policing practices and has supported body-worn cameras. Charles Myadze is a community leader who understands complicated issues need to be addressed with diverse perspectives and opinions. Tell Charles Myadze that you support finding common ground, too (608-517-7432).

Alder Sheri Carter

District 14
Sheri Carter Headshot

Sheri Carter fights for affordable housing. She’s been a champion for eviction-protection programs during the pandemic and has worked to increase access to emergency funds for small businesses during this time as well. Sheri Carter is a collaborative leader who will make Madison a more equitable place. Tell Alder Sheri Carter that you support affordable housing and help for small businesses, too (

Alder Paul Skidmore

District 9
Paul Skidmore Headshot

Paul Skidmore is champion for Madison’s green spaces and parks. He’s also a longtime advocate for more affordable housing options across the city. Paul Skidmore is committed to a Madison with a more equitable future and housing attainable for all families. Tell Alder Paul Skidmore that you support affordable housing and our green spaces, too (